Scanner Support

Scanner Technology Support

Scanner Support

Scanner Technology Support is a tool that is used to scan a form, photo, document, and others. In general, scanners are used together with computers as hardware, and the results of scanners are digital data. The scan results will be transformed into a computer with the scanner, can be entered directly into all computer applications.

The scanner was first discovered by Robert S. Ledley born in New York, United States in 1926. Then in 1943 a CT Scanner was born that was able to scan the entire body from head to toe. The machine’s findings are called Automatic Computerized Transverse Axial (ACTA).

Scanner developed since 1975. Just when Ray Kurzweil and his team created the Kurzweil Reading Machine and Omni-Font OCR (Optical Character Recognation) Technology software. This software functions to recognize the text that is in the object being scanned and translate it into data in the form of text. That’s when the scanner began to develop. Until now the scanner can detect three-dimensional shapes. At the moment, scanners are growing rapidly. From the beginning of the scanner until now many modifications have been made to advance the scanner technology itself. Such is the brief history of the scanner.

A scanner from Fujitsu Series Scansnap Software Support for free download

The development of scanners today has undergone many developments both in technology and in the form of scanners themselves. Besides the function of the scanner has also been developed, now there are scanners that are combined with printers, then found also scanner technology without the need for special magnetic ink. And there are also scanners that can be used without having to connect to a computer with cable or remote desktop connection manager for PC. There is no denying that in the future there will be more sophisticated scanner products.

  1. Flat bed scanner : This type of scanner is the type that is often found, because the price is relatively the cheapest, and how to use it more easily. rectangular shape, has a cover board, and a layer of glass where the image is placed. To use it you have to put pictures one by one for each shot.
  2. Handandheld Scanner : This type of scanner requires more advanced skills from its users. The user with his hand will move this scanner above the image he will read. The use of this scanner is very difficult because it takes patience to move our hands because if too fast the image can be blurred and damaged. This scanner is widely used in supermarkets (barcodes).
  3. Automatic Document Feeder Scanner : This type has the advantage of ease of use. You can put the pictures that will be read, then this tool will automatically take the pictures themselves and read them, then stored as a digital file. The price is more expensive than the type of flat bed. This type is indeed suitable for offices that have many images to be scanned.
  4. Drum Scanner : This type is the first type developed. This type uses Photomultiplier Tubes to read image data. This type produces better quality than other types. But because the price is relatively expensive, this type is not widely used. But this type is still used by those who need good quality, such as museums or artists who will save the work of their art

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